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to my website on native azaleas (natural hybrids).

This site gives information and resources for growing, identification and propagation of native azaleas and rhododendron.

I have been collecting native azaleas for over 67 years. The first 31years, I collected them from the woods - the next 16 to 21 years by seed and stem propagation, and the last 15 years by tissue culture.

Georgia has 12 or 13 species of native azalea; Through the years they have crossed and back-crossed, so most are now natural hybrids. The native azalea is very difficult to propagate, so at the age of 70 I taught myself the art of tissue culture. That has been a lot of fun!

Photos on this website are mostly from the Earl Sommerville Collections. These images have been collected over a period of years, mostly in the state of Georgia. My photos include native azaleas, evergreen azaleas and rhododendron.

I do not sell plants, but there are a few very good nurseries that sell a number of my plants. These are listed on the resources page.

You can contact my via email at: earlsommerville@mindspring.com